Roads works gain momentum in state

Over 4 thousand works costing Rs. 38 thousand crore underway 

भोपाल : सोमवार, जून 29, 2020, 19:11 IST

Construction works of various departments are being carried out speedily in the state. Works, which were halted due to corona and lock down have been started again. As many as 4 thousand 247 works of the Public Works department costing Rs. 38 thousand 701 crore 51 lakh are underway in the state and labourers have been employed in these works.

As per the intention of the Chief Minister, the Principal Secretary of the Public works department Shri Neeraj Mandloi is constantly monitoring the works of the department. He is ensuring employment to the maximum number of labourers in the works of the Public Works Department, Project Implementation Unit and Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation.

Under the Engineer in Chief, Public Works department, 3394 works worth Rs. 28 thousand 211 crore 73 lakh have been started and 1,427 labourers have been employed for these works. Similarly, under the Engineer in Chief, Road Development Corporation, 85 works costing Rs. 5,099 crore 15 lakh have been started and employment has been given to 2012 labourers. Under the Project Director, Project Implementation Unit, 768 works worth Rs. 5390 crore 63 lakh have been started and employment has been given to 17 thousand 306 labourers in these works.

Under the Public Works Department, 144 contractual works costing Rs. 705 lakh 80 thousand in Sagar zone, 241 contractual works costing Rs. 151542 lakh 45 thousand in Ujjain, 326 contractual works worth Rs. 161794 lakh 34 thousand in Gwalior, 208 contractual works costing Rs. 310439 lakh in Setu Parikshetra Bhopal, 28 road construction contractual works costing Rs. 452826 lakh 71 thousand in Bhopal zone, 324 contractual works costing Rs. 99268 lakh 86 thousand in Central Zone Jabalpur, 360 contractual works worth Rs. 112647 lakh in Rewa zone, 211 contractual works costing Rs. 159262 lakh 68 thousand in West Zone Indore and 391 contractual works costing Rs. 205609 lakh 89 thousand in Capital zone Bhopal are underway.

The Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation has also re-started the construction activities. Under these activities, 2012 labourers have been employed in total 85 re-started works in various districts. The total cost of the re-started works is over Rs. 5099 crore.

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